Having looked at thousands of businesses during my years as a private equity investor, I realised that, since the advent of the internet, upwards of 60% of businesses have failed to adapt to the modern-day commercial environment. 


Whilst these businesses are doing their best, they were designed to operate in a very different world. Essentially, they’re conducting business with one arm – or even both arms – tied behind their back. So it's no wonder that these businesses are struggling to generate the levels of performance and results that their investors desire.​

In the same way, since founding my own consulting practice, I’ve realised that upwards of 95% of businesses are operating with an outdated and incorrect understanding of how the human mind works. And since every business is made up of human beings, they’re effectively doing business blindfolded – or at least wearing some very scratched and steamed up goggles that prevent them from seeing straight!

Although not obvious to most people, I've come to see this misunderstanding of the human mind as the single greatest contributor to the struggles and challenges that many leaders and executives experience. It’s also the single greatest obstacle to business creativity, performance, and results.

The thing is that, because this misunderstanding is so widespread, leaders and organisations are often oblivious to the real reason they’re unable to perform at their best and generate consistent results.

My business is to help leaders and executives understand the true source of their problems, and unleash their natural capacity for fresh perspectives and innovation. As a result of our work, you'll find creative solutions to your greatest challenges, and make huge leaps forward in your business performance.


I’m a London Business School alumnus and worked in private equity and consulting for over a decade. In other words, I have first-hand experience operating in high-octane environments and I understand the pressures and challenges that leaders and organisations face.

I now help executives and teams who are stressing out and burning out, to have more fun in work, whilst increasing their output, and improving their results.


I help them find fast, breakthrough solutions to complex and long-standing problems.


I'm committed to you achieving your desired results. However long it takes, I'll work with you until you have what you want. 


Businesses are made up of human beings. Therefore, all business problems are human problems in disguise. And the most overlooked factor in business performance is the human element. I help leaders and executives to understand the human element so that they can remove the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in their business and find innovative solutions to persistent and complex problems.


Through our work together, you'll come to know:

  • What's happening when you’re at your best

  • What's happening when you’re not

  • How to be at your best more often

  • How to do less damage when you’re not

If you'd like to find out more, or if you're keen to explore how I can help, then hit the button below.


I have an MBA from London Business School and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics from Newcastle University. I am a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Advanced Transformative Coach.


I’m also a Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer and a Qualified Canadian Ski Instructor.